Madayi kavu bhadrakali temple , also known as Thiruvarkattukavu, is located at Madayi, a suburb of payangadi, a village located about 30 kms north of kerala and 10kms south of payyannur in kannur dist., kerala.


The real reason for the shifting of the temple from taliparamba to Madayi, according to historical facts , is the shift that existed between the Namboodiri Community of Perinchellur(Taliparamba) and the kings. It was actually a conflict for power between priesthood and kingship. The aristrocratic namboodiris of Taliparamba wanted to assert their authority over the kings. The kings reisted. The namboodiris who were the official priests of the kings refused to perform their religious duties. Finally, the king had to bring 237 brahmin families from Karnataka. They were known as Tulu Brahmins. The royal dynasty had to shift the sanctum sanctorum of goddess bhadrakali from Taliparamba. A temple was constructed at Madayi and the idol consecrated. This took place in 344AD. This is revealed by the inscription on a copper plate which was recovered from the old palace of the king. The antiquity of the temple is established by this copper plate inscription.